Diana Hammond, WA
My husband and I have just returned from five days of golf school with Nadene Gole at the Victoria Club outside of Melbourne. Coming very highly recommended, the program surpassed all our expectations.
Here’s why:
First and foremost, we had fun… lots of it… like 10 hours of fun every day with Nadene. Putting contests, accuracy challenges and 18 holes each day. Here is an incredibly talented golfer AND gifted teacher who makes a living out of doing something that she loves… This kind of positive energy and spirit is contagious.
Secondly, we learned a lot… probably more than we realise. . And that is Nadene’s real gift as a teacher;  she keeps things simple. Easy….. straightforward… and yet the results were apparent from day one.
Throw in a fascinating session with a sports psychologist, a first for both of us, and a much needed session with a sports physiologist to learn a simple stretching routine, and the package was complete… Almost.
I have to mention our stay at the Victoria Club.  Another huge and unexpected bonus. The course is outstanding, the staff helpful and welcoming.  Comfortable rooms serviced daily…. And the food?  Choices included crayfish stuffed zucchini flowers, wild barramundi, perfectly pink fillet steaks……. washed down with wines from an interesting and affordable list.
Gained a few kilos but shed a few strokes on the handicap: a fair trade.
This is a treat of a week….. We can’t recommend Nadene Gole and her golf school highly enough.

Nikki Haines, NSW
“I first visited Nadene’s Golf School in an attempt to improve my game. That happened – we halved my handicap. I now regularly travel overseas on her tours and to Melbourne for coaching. Nadene is incredibly professional in everything she does on and off the course. I really like Nadene’s ability to zero in on swing issues in seconds. Her corrections/explanations are easily understood and non-technical – that works for me. She genuinely cares for my game. I’ve met some great people on our travels – best of all Nadene. She is a gem!”

Rob Hermann, Vic
“l cannot recommend Nadene’s golf tours highly enough, having been on two tours to Queenstown. Brilliantly organised for 11 enthusiasts of all abilities, great courses, all in convenient Queenstown, with easy transfers and never more than 20 minutes to each course. An absolute delight! Add to that Nadene’s soft touch with a little tuition and guidance, and you have a winning combination. If you can’t make it to a tour, Nadene’s golf schools and lessons are an inspiration, with gentle tips that stay with you forever. Don’t miss out!”

Murray Lampard, WA
“Thank you again for the wonderful and professional management of our week at the Victoria Club. Your attention to detail and ensuring that the participants got the maximum benefit out of the program was refreshing and reached high standards of customer service and consumer satisfaction”.

Kay Krestensen, WA
“I have found a new level of confidence I never had before. It has been the best experience and one that I will cherish for ever. I have gone from nearly giving the game away, to wanting to play at every opportunity. The package covered everything including how important warm up stretches and a positive attitude all play a part in this game. Thank you Nadene for improving my game. Thank you Sam for putting the package together with pick up from and back to the airport included. Well done both of you. I will be back.”

Lois Oakey, NSW
“The best, Nadene you have amazing talent. Your motivational skills are exceptional.” “An amazing experience. I enjoyed every aspect of the week. This course is a winner- fantastic week. Thank you so much.”

Tony Jordan, SA
“Nadene is the best golf coach I’ve had. She has the tour experience along with the teaching ability to improve any golfer’s game. Nadene has a great ability to add to your game, not completely change it and not overload you with too many things to think about. Anyone serious about improving their game should seriously take this course. “Awesome, fantastic, confidence and inspiring. With what I’ve come away with I know improvement will come.” Thanks Nadene”

Ian McCarrey, WA
“Golf School was a wonderful experience. The concept of a live in golf camp for a week where the participants are virtually isolated from the outside world by living at the golf course to focus solely on improving and getting more out of playing golf was therapeutic beyond the golf. Nadene Gole certainly has an understanding of all aspects of the game of golf and more importantly has the ability to teach to a small group of mixed ages, gender and ability in this format of golf school so that all the participants come away feeling they have improved their golf and have had a thoroughly good time doing it.”

Leonie Finlayson, Vic
“My experience was amazing. I was ready to give up my golf, but thanks to Nadene, she has put the “fire in my belly” to pursue my goals and has shown me the skills required and given me the confidence and self-belief that I can do it. I met so many wonderful people, ate and drank great food and wine and Victoria Golf Club Staff were simply fantastic.